I’m sorry if this isn’t welcome, I just saw some redesigns on here and got inspired and wanted to share this.

I’m not the best artist but I tried redesigning Widowmaker to actually look more like a serious assassin than a latex fetish model with a gun. The grey-ish segmented parts on her body are the ‘legs’ (straps) of a spider-shaped backpack, and attach to an utility belt that also has two pouches on it. I gave her loose pants, covered her arms, thickened and widened her boots and took away the high heel, and I added more stuff onto her helmet so that it covers her entire head and covers her face when activated. i’m not sure how her hair works, but I kept it in the ponytail since it seems like an integral part of her design. Made it shorter because I got lazy. I tried to stay true to the original design, but I don’t know how well that went.

Of course we welcome redesigns! And I love how you made Widowmaker look like a professional. I’m happy to see the spider motif actually be a part of her design, rather than just as a mark on her back. I like that you made her helmet and arm armor darker to add more value contrast to the design, and I really like the helmet in general! I definitely think your additions improved upon the character concept.

Personally, I would have worked the belt and pouches into the spider pack/straps, or added the pouches to her pants instead. Overall, I think this is a solid redesign, and it’s definitely more creative and functional than Blizzard’s.