This just looks so horribly uncomfortable in so many different ways.  Also possibly the end result of a terrible superglue accident too ):

(Promotional art for MU Origin, Webzen)

She’s like 13 heads tall, damn. 


Weird proportions; pigeon-toed boobs and butt pose (c-c-combo breaker!); derpy “sexy” face; foot-breaking heels; super stabby, physics defying, über skimpy “armor” with TONS of useless ornamentation; non-functional bow… Whoah, it looks as if the designer tried to cram as many DON’Ts of female warrior character design as possible in a single artwork. Is there a reward for that? 

Probably the “reward” is that one day some shovelware web ad will shamelessly steal this picture from them. After all, the more awful tropes, the likelier the image is to show up on some pirate site’s sidebar, leading to some shady asset-flipping malware homepage.