Warpriest, Cleric of Iomedae


After some Google Image searching, I found the artist:
Ekaterina BurmakKnight Banneret Viona Kadarius, Human Cavalier 8 from Adventure Path 105, The Inferno Gate (Hell’s Vengeance)

The image is not currently in her DeviantArt gallery, but she has similar stuff.

Did anyone know that Reddit has a subreddit devoted solely to art of realistically armored women, that bans boobplate? They were discussing this image here.


We’ve featured some of Ekaterina’s work for Pathfinder on BABD before.

So this one servers as an excellent example of making a prestigious version of the same group’s armor without making it look impractical or a liability to the wear of the armor.  Outstanding.

– wincenworks

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