“Alien Girl” is no less creepier today as she was the first time we saw her.

Depending whether we take this design as a costume or a gender/sex flip, she’s also eligible for treatment with either Female Armor Bingo or @wackd​‘s Bad Genderbend Bingo (mentioned on BABD last year) – and of course that’s while ignoring what female xenomorphs* actually look like in the movies. 



That disturbing moment when even horror movie monsters that were designed to be a “nightmare vision of sex and death” need to be sexualized.


h/t @ronaaz​ for reminding us of this atrocity 

*For the love of everything holy and good, do not google for “female xenomorph” images if mother/queen alien is what you’re looking for.

edit: Bad Genderbend Bingo  was @wackd​‘s graphic design, but its writing is credited to @inbarfink​, @zarekthelordofthefries​, @maxwellelvis​, and @fairytalesandimaginings