welcome to video game!!!!!! customize your character; but first, choose your gender:

in case anyone thought this was an exaggeration

TERA is such a bad joke of a game.  And not only that, but female characters all wear super-skimpy outfits and lean way the hell over so that you can see their panties when they run.

I mean, nothing against fanservice (although I prefer mine a bit more equal-opportunity).  This game, however, is just…tawdry.  Like something out of a particularly bad adult manhwa.

Also, I remember a discussion in which the scummy fanboys broke out literally every scummy fanboy derailing tactic in the book (plus a Godwin or two and an accusation of “shaming” the characters).  So…there’s also the matter of the brand of fan it attracts.

@eschergirls, @bikiniarmorbattledamage

Ah, TERA Online. Once upon a time, I played (and enjoyed) the closed Beta, up to the point where I had to interact with a female NPC who literally wore a metal bikini (not chainmail, actual solid metal) whose breasts still swayed–with the armor.

I actually have a mixed attitude toward the designs in the game. On the one hand, it’s all very Male Gaze, creepy, and completely impractical or physically impossible to wear into battle. On the other hand, some of their stuff is actually well-designed (i.e. actually makes use of design principles) and is nice to look at. It’s the kind of stuff I wouldn’t mind seeing at a Haute couture fashion show (though they can’t seem to design shoes for shit).


[full pic]


[full pic]

And this swanky mofo, who’s wearing the male version of the above dress (imagine going to a party in these coordinated outfits, hot damn):


[full pic]

But the game isn’t Project Runway: TERA, unfortunately.


I love how not only is @xylophil’s satire spot-on,  but also that @dreamersollux easily found an official game promo pic of exactly what it’s making fun of. 

Fits perfectly with all the other examples of suspicious dimorphism and its parodies we had on BABD so far.