Oh hey, so remember how Blizzard is totally using Overwatch as an opportunity for them to improve representation of female characters? For real, not just an empty claim to get publicity and feminist cookies!?

Well they’re doing a Halloween event and it’s just want you always wanted! Provided you wanted yet another Ana skin that conceals that she’s an older brown woman, another sexy Mercy skin (ridiculously so), a bunch of  funny/cool costumes for various boys and a new game mode where you play as ultra-macho cliches and Ana.

Wanted a new Mei skin? Nope. Wanted a costume for Widowmaker or D’va that was maybe funny/cool without being sexualized? Nope.  Wanted some acknowledgement that Zarya exists? Well… there’s nothing in the video but in the release there’s this spray that’s available along with some emotes etc:


Much anticipate new female character Sombra who actually may look pretty awesome? Well a lot of people hoped so but seems she’s a no show.

At this point, it’s really hard to be surprised.

– wincenworks

edit: As many readers pointed out, Symmetra’s vampire skin gives her a very whitewashed appearance. One more proof that, no matter the intention, mindlessly applying stock tropes to your work is not only unoriginal, it can also lead to unfortunate implications.