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Got the crap scared out of me while I was searching for something to
watch and this porn-star voice starts cooing through my speakers late at
night. Panicking and puzzled that somehow the Internet is catering to
my sins, I hunted for the noisy tab in question and found the attached
image. The one on the left was what set off my nonlinear anatomy alarm,
though the blatant hypersexualization was another alert too. Methinks
angels do not comport themselves like this.

Interestingly, the window did not close once I hit the “I am under 18” button, so… Yep. Next time I’ll get more screenshots.

I think I need a tag for “nipple armor”, WTF clothing doesn’t seem enough to cover this. 

Also important note: The reason the browser tab suddenly appeared with that is because that League of Angels entry point is malware that’s bundled with some programs:

Here’s more information and how to remove it if you run into it (I’ve already talked to the OP).  Which is another (much more serious) strike against LoA >_<

People say that sex sells, but if you have to resort to malware to try to get people to sign up through your portal then I think it’s safe to say that your marketing angle is not exactly inspiring.

Yet somehow this myth carries on.

– wincenworks