@kanashimibeast submitted:

From what I’ve seen no one’s shared any images of Forte from Rune Factory 4 on this blog, so I figured I’d go ahead and do so because it’s so refreshing to see a non-sexualized female knight in a video game. Plus I just really like her design in general. 

Her in game sprite is also pretty good:

Rune Factory can be a bit hit or miss with its character designs sometimes, but I really appreciate how progressive they were with Forte. I also like how all of the other characters in the game are totally cool with her being a knight and respect her abilities. It’s just one of the many reasons RF4 is my favorite in the Rune Factory series.

The visor without a helm is a little odd, but given the commitment to giving her sturdy looking armor and an impressive silhouette I’m still pretty comfortable pointing to this particular design as a positive example – particularly given the relatively cartoony style of Rune Factory.

I also particularly like that they took the bold step of giving her different clothes rather than putting her in her sexiest outfit all the time.  Time and a place, etc.

– wincenworks