The Justice League in the Wild West? A world where Supergirl and Batgirl protect Metropolis and Gotham City? Wonder Woman fighting Jack the Ripper in Victorian England? In Elseworlds, anything is possible.

If no bewbs how Wonder Woman!?

Seriously if this was their best plan for conveying Wonder Woman in the Old West then they need to revisit the concept of creativity.  Particularly when all they felt the need to do to sell The Flash was put a logo on his bib.

– wincenworks

Once again DCAU shows us that they’ve done the exact same kind of Wonder Woman costume change and they did it better. Here’s what she looks like in Justice League Unlimited episode where the heroes end up in the Wild West:


And it’s not like the cartoon went all realistic. Those surprisingly form-fitting clothes are supposed to be looted from a random male gang member who “welcomed” the Justice League in 1800s. The scene also includes a joke that those particular high heels  hurt Diana’s feet, unlike the pair she usually wears (which are drawn pretty much exactly the same).