Riders of Icarus

@vonboomslang submitted:


Please let me share with you a tale of hopes and disappointment, starring Riders of Icarus, by our old mutual friend Nexon.


“Well, that is an interesting looking class. I wonder how it looks on females. It probably has a battle skirt or something.”


“Good lord, is that actual full plate? Armored legs and everything?”


“Oh. I don’t know what I expected.”

Yours, vonBoomslang

Nexon is such a wild ride, I mean I struggle to understand how the same people publishing Vindictus also publish Dirty Bomb!

Looking at the promotional screenshots for this game, one might easily be tricked into believing that the armor for ladies would not be terrible:


I mean it doesn’t look great, but the main issue is the stock-standard boobplate that seems to be mandatory in so many fantasy RPGs these days.  Even the trailer isn’t too bad for the first sixty seconds… then:


Apparently there are still people out there who believe that the MMORPG market is not yet over saturated with this exact same style of double standard nonsense.  Somehow.

– wincenworks