If there’s something more pathetic than refusal to finally have a female protagonist in a well-established game franchise (especially when there’s clearly demand for it!), it’s the attempts to justify why only a guy main character is a possible option.

Jim points out what amazingly absurd rhetoric Nintendo employed lately to explain why neither female Link nor playable Zelda are viable option for the next Legend of Zelda game. The arguments are downright nonsensical.

At this point @LewieP’s joke explanation* sounds more cohesive than anything Nintento representatives had said:


[props to jimquisition commenter who found this]


see fan imaginings of Zelda-led game: @annalandin‘s elemental-powered armors |

タバコ’Hyrule Valkyrja | @dresdencodak‘s Clockwork Empire

*edit: Sadly, the joke, unlike Jim’s video isn’t trans-inclusive.