‘O.N.E.’ work

– by
team couscous

“for mobile action rpg, O.N.E.

Corecreative co.”

im surprised her tit didn’t explode like an overstuffed melon when it got cut because its EXPOSED

Her body looks disturbingly distorted. Wondering why no one is questioning how hard they tried to push her boobs fully out but you know that’s not how it is realistically positioned. Her head looks like it dropped down and she has no neck. Her arms look more like wings than arms. What do you think? @boobsdontworkthatway @bikiniarmorbattledamage

This one is kind of amazing in that apologists can’t even make the “it’s for agility” argument – right next to her is an equally agile male opponent in full plate with a comically large warhammer.

And as for the overly aggressive cleavage, well it’s a pretty classic example of how these designs don’t seem to fit with any concept of armor or even just practical attire.  If you don’t have boobs for yourself, earlier this year a Twitch streamer


announced she was retiring as a “boobie streamer” and that released a video showing how much effort went into her appearance including what’s required to aggressively present cleavage.

The language she used was less than ideal, but it did a fairly good job of covering that this kind of presentation never happens by accident and is often less than comfortable for the boobs owner. (And of course, please do not read the comments on the video – just don’t do that to yourself)

So really, when a design is approved with this kind of ridiculous high profile cleavage window – it showcases how little concern was put into literally anything else other than a fixation with boobs.  Hence why the woman in the pics is more endangered than protected by her own kit.

Which is to say that not only does this kind of design express that nobody could think of a more innovative concept for the character than “she’s a sexy lady… and um badass” but they also couldn’t think of a way to express this without going to the most ridiculous and overdone design elements.

Such is the creativity that defines so much of video games.

– wincenworks