No couple photo is complete with matching plate legs ??☀️

We’ve featured @sunandsword before as a great example of style and protective armor so this was simply too cute to use as a great reminder that if you’re interested in seeing how various armors as well as historical or fantasy costumes then should definitely look into LARPs, HEMA and other activities where people (including women) actually wear them.


There’s people all around the world who make amazing costumes and would love you to see them and hear what they have to say – and it’s not unlike what some professionals are doing in order to refine their designs (including academic/historical researchers).

Even if you’re more interested in creating high fantasy, dependent upon suspension of disbelief designs it’s definitely worth taking the time to understand how the real basics really work.  That way you know for sure when (and hopefully why) you’re breaking the rules.

Finally: Never ever let anyone tell you plate armor is too heavy for a woman to move about in.

– wincenworks