dnekrufi submitted:

Boob-catching-sword technique

I don’t watch or read “Sworld Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman”, but from the review video, you can tell it’s full of fan service and low anime production value.

I don’t know, that looks pretty awesome.  I’d love invincible martial-arts defensive boobs.  This might also explain all the WTF clothing on this blog, they’ve all trained their boobs to fight for them.  Who needs armor! 

Given the kind of ridiculous arguments we see defending high heels and bikini armor I’m genuinely worried that if this starts catching on we’ll get people messaging us out of the blue to tell us this is totally a legitimate strategy.

You may think I’m joking but there are actually people who point to the presence of high heels on a full body (jaw down) cyborg in a video game as proof that high heels are strategically advantageous.

– wincenworks