@theeasterstegosaurus submitted: 

I started playing Celestian Tales: The Old North a month ago and my first impression was of the opening character choice screen.  You can pick from 6 different characters, 4 of which are girls, and all of which are wearing functional adventuring clothes.  Even the half elf!  It was amazing.  I’ve now beaten the game a few times and while there are many female warriors, not one is wearing anything that would belong better in a bedroom than the battlefield.  It also has very deep characterizations and an excellent storyline.  

I haven’t had a chance to play this myself, but based off what I can find it seems pretty awesome – I particularly liked this aspect of their pitch on their Kickstarter page:

A priestess that looks like a priestess, a merchant that looks like a merchant and a warrior that looks like a warrior… this shouldn’t be so special and yet it is. I hope to see more of it productions of all sorts.

– wincenworks

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