A few words regarding the crucial difference between censorship and the creators consciously choosing to edit their content.

I dedicate this post to every salty dudebro who had the gall to suggest that we at BABD want tostrangle creativity”, because heavens forbid anyone was openly critical of The Thing You Like and suggested it has problems!

Important quote from the video:

Or is it only censorship when it’s people who aren’t you, and don’t think like you, getting what they want for once instead of you?

Dear dudebros, please ask yourself the above question next time before you type a single word of a reply to us.


edit: “Thanks” to Tumblr’s absurdly broken video post feature, the video initially didn’t load. Fixed now.

Can you believe that this post is nearly a year old and we’re still getting brodudes screaming that providing feedback is censorship and insisting that any change they disagree with was force by “SJWs”?

Even in the face of mountains of evidence that the majority of people who make media actually want it to be enjoyed by lots of people, and thus do care about what alienates potential audiences and don’t take kindly to their “champions” engaging in this kind of nonsense.  This, by the way, has always been the case.

This is, of course, glossing over the hilarity of bloggers having the power and authority to force billion dollar businesses to make editorial changes is just a little ridiculous.  A little.

– wincenworks