I believe the the “alternative covers” gimmick (also known as “a cheap sales boost technique that contributed to the 90s comic crash”) has reached it’s apex with “Van Helsing vs Dracula”.  (We’re going to gloss over that traditionally, Van Helsing didn’t have any other opponents).

You can oggle the “heroine” or you can oggle Dracula’s brides while he’s relegated to the back.  The plot summary of this masterpiece?

A Final Blessing: The terrifying tale of horror’s biggest icon comes to a close! As Dracula’s minions paint London red, Van Helsing enters her final conflict with the vampire that can’t die. Everything is on the line, and only one will survive!

I somehow doubt this is in any way resembles the brief that the cover artist was given, if indeed they were given any brief.

– wincenworks