@dorkseid-is submitted:

I just saw the Injustice Killer Frost post on your blog, and after checking the tags, found that no one seems to have brought up the fashionarmor nightmare that is the Regime (AKA kinda evil) Wonder Woman. 

Here’s a bingo post I threw together. Green stars are for what I’m not very sure about.

The “More advanced armor = skimpier” point is mostly applicable to the Injustice iOS game, as the “Regime Wonder Woman” character is more powerful than regular WW. 

Sources: Concept art || Render

I feel like this design must have through a dozen iterations that included editorial notes of “emphasise boobs more” and “trim in waist a bit”.

Bonus points for her skirt deliberately not protecting her crotch, because suggestive imagery is way more important than protecting somewhere you really never want to get hit.

– wincenworks