Grail, child of Darkseid, redesigned.

IMHO any spawn of Darkseid should be buff and terrifying, regardless of gender.

Because here’s Darkseid: (image source)

And here’s Grail’s canon appearance for comparison. Image source

THAT is a great redesign! In your artwork I definitely see how she’s related to Darkseid while being unique in her own right.

The original version, on the other hand, looks like any random pinup, just painted with Darkseid’s color scheme. I could swear this came out of @shattered-earth​‘s joke character generator (see the “rebel” hairstyle).

She’s completely interchangeable with any other female comic book character and, with a mere palette swap, can be claimed as next of kin to basically anyone. Here, let’s try with a few fellow DC characters known for their distinct color schemes.


Who knew all those people had generically sexy daughters, amirite?

Hey, you guys can try it out too. Black/white pic to play around with under the cut here.

I challenge anyone to convince me there’s literally anything distinct about Grail’s original design. 


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