I just equipped the Chasind Robes on Leliana and burst out laughing oh my god.

Look at that boob window. and those thigh-highs. Quick, someone get me the bikiniarmorbattledamage armor bingo ahahahaha.

Worth bringing up to remind folks who think that “sex sells” and that games shouldn’t change – when Bioware started they were regularly guilty of bikini armor, and even still doing it to some extent Dragon Age: Origins (DA: O).

(For perspective, the company was fourteen years old when DA: O was released and it was the fifteenth title they’d worked on)

Dragon Age: Inquisition, their title which openly mocks bikini armor, has been their most successful game to date in terms of units sold at launch.

Shifting your focus from being generic fantasy with generic sexy lady armor, to creating a unique and amazing experience for the audience will help your fantasy game/comic/whatever sell your product far more than boob windows ever will.  It’s that simple.

– wincenworks

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