Isator Levi submitted:

I’ve been watching this fantasy anime Rokka no Yuusha (Braves of the Six Flowers), which is basically about a group of people who are divinely chosen to go prevent the awakening of a demon god. More than half of the Braves are women (technically three women and a teenager) and they range from, well…

That first one is Mora Chester, the unofficial leader.That picture there is mostly all right, has a kind of neat heavy coat kind of thing (although you can see how long her hair is), but the actual show often frames her as being a bit more tight around the chest in a way that either gives an outline or looks like an outright boob sock. You can see that a bit more here:


Then there’s Nashetania.

The weird corset thing (which is apparently supposed to be metal) is pretty standard, not just exposing the breasts but the entire middle of the torso, but this goes the extra mile. Those cords in the top frequently look like they’re actually pressing into her (they remind me of BDSM ropework), she’s got the paw gauntlet things which just look like they get in the way, and the shoes are not only high-heeled but are so wide and played that they frequently look hard to stand up straight in (something particularly apparent since her fighting style is based on using a magic baton to conjure and direct flying blades, and her sweeping motions while trying to stand still often look like she’s going to fall over).

Then there’s Flamy…


The eyepatch is at least something she can magically see through (she keeps her eye covered up so people won’t see that it’s magical), but the weird open shirt thing haphazardly draped around her (I often feel as though it’s about to catch the wind) and the single strip of cloth bound around her chest somehow (she has power over gunpowder, maybe there’s an adhesive form of it)… it’s certainly the most distractingly ‘what the hell’ design to me. (There is one male character who is dressed kind of similarly, but at least gets a heavier coat/cloak thing).

Sources can be found here (The series involves a mystery around one of the Braves being a fake, so I think there should be spoiler discretion)


I saw some other comments about the bizarre shibari underneath the costume aspect of Nashetania’s outfit – since there is no other reason she’d have ropework underneath her outfit and set up to accentuate her cleavage.. so much so her weird crotchplate is almost entirely overlooked.

Flamy/Fremie on the other hand looks like she just burst in straight out of an MMO – complete with weird novelty hat.   I also can’t help but feel that her male counterpart is only there so they can pretend that it’s “equal”:


– wincenworks