the-mad-art submitted:

There were a lot of criticism with Quiet’s “clothes”. But it seems that there an option of change the costumes of the character before missions, and I have a very good surprise with this.

I know that the official design is still the stupid bikini with military belts, but you at least have the option of play with a NPC with more suitable uniform.

The screenshot comes from this twitter:

But we were promised there’s an explanation!  Now they decide that she can dress in something close to what a real person might wear into battle?  It’s almost like even the game developers don’t believe the “explanation”.

Oh well, I guess we all officially shall find out soon!

(Edit: We have been notified that the outfit only becomes available after completing the game – thus it apparently represents less faith in the explanation for Quiet’s “canon” costume but rather a belief that people feel being able to give her real clothes is a suitable reward for finishing the game. h/t: trashgolem )

– wincenworks