A group of college boys find their world taking a dramatic turn when a pretty girl joins them in their tabletop role-playing game (RPG) session.

I can’t work out if this is supposed to parody or is just completely lacks self awareness… and I don’t want to financially support it by buying a copy.

It’s 2015! The Guild has been out for seven years now and World Famous Nerd Princess Felicia Day (thisfeliciaday) has shamelessly been playing DnD for longer.  Confessions of a Part Time Sorceress came out around the same time.  There are long lists of women who write RPG materials.  Women have been part of these games since forever!

How is “Oh my God! Does a girl really want to play a role playing games with us nerd guys!?” still a thing!? How did nobody in the publication process spot the obvious problems with these covers!?

– wincenworks

Ugh. This thing reeks of Big Bang Theory-style understanding of how male geeks look, behave and interact with women.

The only non-shitty “a girl joins a bunch of nerd boys in a roleplaying game” scenario that I recall is that Dexter’s Laboratory episode in which DeeDee, with no prior experience, proves to be a much more awesome Game Master than her brother.


How could she not be, though? She invented dungeon-forest!


And that was back in 1997. What went wrong since then?


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