magnolia777 submitted:

This is Diana from Shin Megami Tensei. I have no words…

Diana, as in the Roman name for Artemis… the OTHER virginal goddess. Seriously guys, on the whole the Greco-Roman pantheon(s) are pretty promiscuous – why do you have to keep picking to oversexualize the two goddesses who are aggressively opposed to doing anything sexual with anyone?

I mean seriously, even the lore for this game harps on about her virginity and role as a huntress… and instead we get her covered in boobs due to her link to fertility? This was the idea that sprung forth after researching… really?  Did they accidentally outsource the design job to someone who thought they were making a smut game and not a serious RPG?

(A few people are directing us toward depictions of Ephesian Artemis which had many items which were interpreted by some as lactating breasts… where breasts go, not growing over her like pustules from a plague.  And again, I stress, this particular representation had nothing to do with her martial aspects and did not become anywhere near as well known as the girl with deer look:


So my comment still stands.)

– wincenworks


All I can say is that I’m having flashbacks to this by ladyshinga (x):



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