You have men yelling: “yay! Boobs in games! Bigger boobs! More boob! Naked boob!”for decades. When female gamers finally got enough of a voice to say: “hey, I kind of wish there were women in video games who weren’t 80% boob by body weight”: those same men utterly flipped their shit.

This whole “why complain? You can’t tell designers what to do!” only seems to come up any time anyone but straight, white men dares make their opinion heard.

Sadly accurate.

Note how whenever cishet white audience members demand changes, those demands are met, or at the very least acknowledged.
Whenever anyone else does that, it’s gonna be called “whining” or “entilement”.

Emphasis mine.


Video game has a single gay male character who flirts you? Riot against the developers.  Protagonist options do not include a white male? Riot against the developers. Age of Conan reduces bust sizes on female characters? Riot against the developers.  Didn’t get the ending you wanted? Riot against the developers.

Women who have been gaming for years point out obvious problems?


– wincenworks