clearlyiwaswrong submitted: Hercules (2014)

I saw Hercules last night and I couldn’t get over Atalanta’s cheerleader warrior outfit. It sticks out like a soar thumb next to the other guys with her exposed midriff and her tiny skirt. Admittedly Hercules is slightly exposed as well but he’s a half-god, he doesn’t really need armour as much and he’s still more covered up than she is..

It’s not like most of her vital organs are completely exposed or anything.

On top of that, I feel like the people who signed off on Atalanta’s costume design need to go watch this video to understand why the “lifts and separates” Playtex effect is really a horrible design choice for female armor.

That and I think out of respect for the myth, creators should probably avoid naming female characters in Ancient Greece Atalanta unless they actually look like they wrestle with bears for fun.

– wincenworks