iarinthel replied to your photo “This is not really anywhere near as bad as the outfits that we usually…”

You think that’s bad? Have you seen the female elf Rogue armor? I’m pretty sure you could do a Bingo with that.

I actually expected this to get close to a bingo too when I was going off memory.  

The main reason this one tends to stick out in memory though as being so terrible is when you’re going through character creation you go from a fairly standard formula with rogues and warriors (both of whom start with leather) that of women’s armor is like men’s with a v-neck and a collar (we’ve already covered why this was a terrible idea for the story). 

Then you come across the Dalish Elf (wild elves) armor and… it looks nothing like anything.  It doesn’t look like armor.  It doesn’t look like medieval fantasy gear.  It just looks like a skirt with a leather sports bra. 

 Not only does this create an immediate shock that makes players remember this armor as just ridiculous, it was also (as highlighted by some fan projects) a massive waste of creative potential. 

 – wincenworks