space-soap submitted:

please tell me you’ve seen this new atrocity nintendo is passing as a new zelda redesign. im disgusted; i thought nintendo was better than this lazy bullshit?? just look at that corset. very mobility friendly. and the boobplate?? ah yes very functional in it’s chief duty; looking pretty, offering no protection whatsoever, and acting as a potential hazard to those bare armpits of hers.

I know what you’re thinking! She scores a lot better than Shia! Eh? Eeeh?

Well, it seems that Hyrule Warriors noticed this, and was determined to sabotage this improvement as much as possible once Zelda gets into the action.

One of Zelda’s special attacks is to lift up her loin cloth to face height so she can pull out magic sparkles that become a bow.  It appears she also does the same with her sword.

And yet she’s still somehow miles ahead of the game’s main antagonist…

– wincenworks