“I love Zelda’s design in Hyrule Warriors. Her dress doesn’t sexualize her, it looks exactly what a princess would wear to defend her kingdom.”

she’s wearing a SKIRT in combat. has BOOBPLATES which can kill her if struck there and also sexualizes her just not to the same extent of Shia.

also her thighs are exposed bc mm gotta show off her legs. It not practical.. it’s better than Shias but it’s still shittty

something a princess would actually wear to defend her kingdom? Actual armour.

[A propos that Princess Zelda Hyrule Warriors design…]
YUP, agreed. Definitely not gonna buy the “look at Zelda finally being properly heroic!” wishful thinking BS.

The fact that her outfit looks better than Shia/Cia’s is no indicator of overall goodness. It’s literally the easiest thing to come up with a design marginally more believable than that physics-defying, bingo-scoring atrocity.


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