Oglaf: Appeal to Heaven

We’ve had a few people send us messages regarding this excellent comic, and while we agree it is awesome, we’ve put off sharing it mostly due to the problem of how to present it.

For those of you who don’t know, Oglaf is not just a Not Safe For Work (NSFW) comic, it is the most NSFW comic. One of the safer pages, “Glamazon Way”, was featured on BABD in the past, but “Appeal to Heaven” is infinitely more risky.

Thus, I advise to Read More only if you are not going to be offended by sexual imagery, sexual (and potentially offensive) language and sexualized nudity.


For those interested in more Oglaf, the do have an archive page which warns which pages are reasonably safe for work – otherwise enjoy at your own risk.

– wincenworks

Gotta say, just using a goddess of war AND sex in your worldbuilding justifies stripperiffic “armor” way better than any of the usual arguments.