Patrick submitted:

A character from Bound by Flames, the new RPG from Spiders. Looks like here breasts are just resting on her metal bra.

Bound by Flame seems to be taking a leaf out of Kingdoms of Amalur’s book but making a variety of non-offensive female armors… and then tossing in one companion character who dresses like she’s one her way to perform a strip show. In the snow.

This of course, Edwen also falls in the “she’s evil so she’s sexy!” trope.

Or at least it seems too… I haven’t been able to find much about this character other than images and this charming summary by Spiders on their official site:

We know very little of Edwen. But one thing is certain: she absolutely hates the Lords of Ice and makes it plain for all to see that vengeance is what drives her to join the hero in this quest. Using a particularly aggressive form of magic, she turns into a real fury in combat.

I have to say… if I was trapped in that outfit, I’d hate anyone associated with cold too.

– wincenworks