Just started the game for the first time.

I am positively surprised about the female Armour and the general not oversexualised default look.

Bound by Flame is an interesting example of a recent release that seems to partially recognize that women enjoy video games and want to be represented as people.

After all, this is what the line up of heroes looks like:

It’s so beautiful… excuse me, I have something in my eye.

Now let’s look at the line up of villains:

There’s a mummified corpse in that line-up and somehow they are only the second most out of place.  But it gets worse… clearly, since this game is heavily inspired by Dragon Age – there is some element of romance… lets look at how it’s introduced in the trailer:

And I looked into the gameplay… it’s got even worse with some of the units… particularly the units in snow filled levels.

I have previously talked about this at length, so I’ll keep this version short:

Making character selection in a game nice and equitable is great! However if you then pack your game full of Male Gazey aspects, it greatly diminishes all the good work you did with the character selection options.

– wincenworks