So. This was kinda just a random doodle thing of my OC Blair . I was trying to look for female armor references the other day to help me with her armor design. Unfortunately, there are very few REALISTIC pictures of female armor. Most of it looks like metal bikinis. :I I imagine Blair would be appalled if she ever had to wear anything like this. 

This is pretty much how I imagine every female character responds in any fantasy game where they’re issued with such armor.  It reaches a particular level of absurdity when you consider the stereotypical voice options:

  • Angry/Bloodthirsty (self explanatory)
  • Sultry/Seductive (“Well, if I have to wear this I’m going to have fun with it…”)
  • Serious/Stoic (Because who wouldn’t overcompensate if they wanted to be taken seriously wearing an outfit like that?)

This also highlights that video games are so invested in this trope that even though this is making fun of female armor… it’s still a better design than some serious outfits.

– wincenworks

Thruth is, some parodies we featured on BABD before tend to look relatively decent in comparison to the worst offenders that we played bingo with.

As for Blair, hope you will find something nice for her in our positive examples, reference, resource and armor design tags, deadlyjusticeart!