Remember that "Collect powerful unique heroes" game eschergirls and repair-her-armor commented on? Here it is.

If Bikini Armor Battle Damage did not already exist, the Android/Apple game Spirit Stones alone would warrant it’s creation.  Not only does it have every kind of bikini armor sin imaginable – it also has:

All of this is to promote a casual puzzle solver/tile matcher game. But with panty flashes and horrifying pseudo-boobs instead of cute cartoons and sweetness.  Anyone who knows a Candy CrackCrush Saga player knows that those games don’t need any extra incentive to get people hooked on them.

– wincenworks

I’m still dumbfounded by the sheer amount of wrong concentrated in this single game.

And also amazed by the laziness that lead to designing most of higher level versions of the same character: they’re just flipped image of the previous card with minor modifications (like completely random hair color change) and, obviously, increasingly more skin showing.

I bet there could be a whole new blog created with the sole purpose of mocking design of every single female character in Spirit Stones. It could run for maybe a year if they commented on one card a day.

Huge thanks to filipfatalattractionrblog for suggesting this to us!