Female Armour Bingo: Tyrande Whisperwind




Filled out the female armour bingo card myself for a case that particularly annoys me. Because you know what the worst part of the depiction of Tyrande Whisperwind is here? In the novel, she isn’t dressed anything like this! Seriously, nowhere in the novel does it describe her wearing a battle Bikini. Usually, to the best of my memory, she usually has more practical priest robes. She is a badass in this novel; A very well developed character who is kind, caring, thoughtful, honest, humble and can burning leigon ass when she needs to. She inspires me to write better female characters myself.

And how is she represented on the front cover of the War of the Aincients novel? Sex appeal with battle bikinis. This doesn’t do her justice in my opinion. Tyrande is a much better character than that!

Oh, the delights of using bikini armor as a tool of false advertising… Takes “Don’t judge book by its cover” to a whole new level!

Also gotta love the irony that it’s A NOVEL, a thing that people are supposed to buy for the WRITTEN STORY inside, not for the fap-tastic cover that tells them absolutely nothing about what to expect.