“One of my favorite things about Oblivion was how fair the armor was to both sexes- I didn’t have to worry about boob windows and chain mail miniskirts. [Though I think that can be said for the TES franchise as a whole- though Skyrim did take a step back with some of the armor.]”

Oblivion confessions

(Images courtesy of pkudude99

Apparently Orc Steel is the only armor with a boob window.  We’ve also been directed to a site ESO Fashion which showcases sets of armor.  So far, no boob windows, but boob plates and skin tight steel galore!

Overall, Elder Scrolls Online is doing a lot better than many of it’s competitors. The more common problem is that male armor is fitted for practicality and female is fitted to showcase there is a female body underneath. Or to suggest it anyway.

Plus y’know… I’m pretty sure scalemail fitted that tightly to your butt is gonna give you some sort of rash.

Not as bad as I was expecting. But bad enough to make me wonder if the executive decision makers understand the concept of branding.

– wincenworks