My Top 5 Female Armor Sets in Video Games


I won’t pretend that the excessive T&A in some games don’t irk me at times, but it does make me all the more appreciative when female armor in video games aim to be a bit more classy.


These are some of the sexiest sets I could find. They’re sexy because they’re badass, and show a female game character doesn’t need an exposed thong to kick some serious ass. I mean, she can wear whatever she wants to kick ass, but we all know we don’t always have a choice, and you can’t deny it isn’t as practical.

5. HawkeDragon Age II:

The one thing I love about the Bioware RPG operas is you you can play the exact same character as a male or female. Despite how monotonous DAII’s environments and questline was, I enjoyed the game (to an extent). Female Hawke armor is exactly the same as the male Hawke armor, so there’s no debate as to whether they over-sexualized fem-Hawke. Also it’s sexy as hell – look at that badass armored-claw! 


4. MonkDiablo III:

I’m a big fan of the armor sets in Diablo III altogether; they really touched down on the personality of each class. The Monk has to be one of the most durable classes in the game, and their armor may be the most elegant. Again, the armor seems practical, doesn’t stray too far from the male version by adding extra boobage, and even looks comfortable!


3. Aela the Huntress –  Skyrim

The only other time you see Aela’s armor in a non-modded game of Skyrim is on any female draugr crawling around in acient tombs peppered around the map. It’s got this amazingly ancient style to it, and I love how she finishes the set off with some gritty warpaint. I always wondered how she stays warm on cold nights in Skyrim, but if you become a member of the Companions, you’ll find out.


2. IronbreakerWarhammer Online

I don’t think female dwarves get enough recognition as to just how unbelievably badass they are. They’re generally the lowest played races in most MMO’s, but can rock that heavy armor just as well as a male dwarf. I think the only reason I’d generally play a male dwarf over a female, is females don’t have beards. Slap a fancy, glittery beard on a fem-dwarf, and I’m good to go. High-level Ironbreaker gear in particular is so intricate and decorated, there’s no denying she looks freakin’ fabulous.


1. SylvariGuild Wars 2

I know, I know, I love these guys. The unique thing about their cultural armor, is it’s a PART of them. There’s something so whimsical about sprouting your own armor…I had a hard time picking just one type to show off, so here’s a medley! I know some in the picture are male butwhatchugonnado?


Photo reply is on :p. What are your favourites?


I made it myself!  Components include the hearts of my defeated foes!

– wincenworks


Esben submitted:

This is a woman wearing full plate armour in the game Dark Souls. It is difficult at best to tell that she is a woman because her figure is obscured by the thick under-padding that is required to wear the armour comfortably as well as to absorb the force of incoming blows. Determining her cup-size just by looking is impossible because she is not so stupid as to have a custom-made (i.e. expensive) chest plate that acts like a death trap. She does not leave any skin exposed to attack because she expects to get hit and therefore wants to take advantage of the full protection only offered by full plate. Dark Souls gets it, why don’t other games?

Oh WOW. That is really damn cool!


Not particularly refined design-wise, but I have just sheer appreciation for complete gender-neutrality of this armor.