The Legend of Minerva (aka Minerva Knights) is the epic tale of how the main character somehow manages to avoid gruesome death despite her armour’s only purpose being to draw attention to her and weigh her down on the battlefield.

I’m just kidding it’s card battle game where you don’t have cards because it’s played on computers.

Honestly… there is nothing good about this armor… nothing at all.

The colors are awful, it provides zero protection to anything vital, it’s made of soft metal  and will stab her if she bends forward.

An honorable mention of 50% no undies… bare nipple on gold metal ihas got to be uncomfortable.  But still saved from one and a half bingos only by the fact that we cannot see more of her – I’m 99% sure she’s got high heels and a thong.

The worst part?  This doesn’t even rate as particularly bad for the outfits assigned to various female characters. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Seriously if this is the best leader people could find to lead them in the war against tyranny then I question the validity of this revolution.

– wincenworks