Zero Suit Samus Redesign, by Josh Addessi

Sighs dreamily. I do wish the Zero Suit got updated over the years to something closer to this, rather than becoming just a shinier bodysuit. I get that the initial premise was to leave Samus defenseless while she was out of her power suit, but that doesn’t explain why it absolutely has to be a bodysuit specifically (beyond the graphics capabilities of the day, hence why I said “updated to”). 

If we use an astronaut as an analogue, that bodysuit would be similar to a ventilation and cooling garment, which is not something you’d be fighting in on its own; I think that a design like this would be more suited for games like Super Smash Bros., even if it doesn’t fit into the Metroid games themselves. Even without the power armored parts, I still prefer this sportswear-like idea better.

Speaking on the design itself, I love the shapes in her shirt, and her little logo. I think the power suit parts that were incorporated were chosen wisely, and they look good with the clothes underneath (and there’s some exoskeleton action that’s functional too!). It could all factor into gameplay fairly easily. And, if she still had her power suit “shoes,” then maybe we could all be spared from the horrible piss jet boots we got instead. #NeverForgetNeverForgive

I just love this one a lot. The original posting has progress pics, and the artist themselves does fun creature and character art, so check those out.


PS – Actually, I wouldn’t be super mad if she did just wear a ventilation and cooling garment, so long as it’s this one:

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