A fascinating insight into the design process and choices considered by Bitcomposer Games when it comes to female characters:

  • Underboob or overboob?
  • Knee high boots or thigh highs?
  • Boob window or just fully open low cut v-neck?
  • Wonderbra, regular bra, demi-cup bra or no bra?
  • Leaning forward so we can see down her top, or arching her back weirdly to pull in her stomach?

So much depth!

Of cleavage.

– wincenworks

Today’s throwback: Ever heard of using a lot of words to say nothing? This is using a lot of artwork to show nothing (except skin). 

Character and costume design is supposed to communicate who the character is, as well as what their world and story is like. Clearly, developers of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms didn’t get the memo. 

It’s almost sad how they feel such creatively barren visual “development” was worth showcasing as a promo for the game. 


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