Dora and Sheik, by Filipe Pagliuso:


The decision to make a woman that wouldn’t be one more hot girl in an heroic pose was the first thing that came into our minds, and I also wanted to convey the sense of a constant drunk, funny, and at the same time a badass character. …

This is such a fun piece, with so many small details that I love. Dora really seems like the drunk, jovial bard that only men are (usually) allowed to be in media. She’s got the pipe, the tattoo, the alcohol keg subtly hanging from her hip, the Super Extra hair that you get from having like 4 hair ideas and trying to execute them all at once. Love the grumpy pig, too, he’s a mood.

It’s kind of a shame that the artist’s gallery is such a mixed bag in terms of armored ladies (though a lot of it seems to be commissioned). I’d love to see more characters like this in the future.


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