Phoenix, by Numen Studios

grendelthetroll submitted:

Armored Lady? Check.

Awesome practical design? Check.

Holy-Crap-WTF-Fire-Sword? Double Check!

Man, Applibot has got the be the weirdest company we feature on this blog. The rest of the art that Numen Studios did for them are your typical impractical bikini-wearing ladies, and then there’s this.

I do like this a lot, though. It’s powerful and the armor looks great. It’s very practical, but has cool feathers, since it’s a phoenix, I guess. And the gauntlet kind of looks like bird claws, which is also a cool detail. I don’t know if I’m a huge fan of the loose long hair. If they had done more of it in the composition, I would feel more comfortable with it, but it just hangs there… It might have been better to give her a bird-themed helmet or something.

And unfortunately, the studio Artstation doesn’t have anything else that’s up to our standards. 


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