Avi is the only main female character in Generic Looking JRPG Bonds of the Skies and there’s a noticeable difference between how she and her fully-armored male teammates’ costume look, hmmm… ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°). 


Her shoes looks stylish and comfy, I’ll give her that. Other parts not only serve zero protection against weather and battle damage, they also look like they’d slip off from her body within minutes of moving around. 

And before dudebros start flooding us again with their arguments that this is neither armor, nor the worst thing we ever bingoed or that shield is all the protection she needs for combat – Please read whatever you’re furiously typing again, delete it and rethink your life choices. Double standards is double standards, plain and simple. 


h/t: our own Icy for suggesting this for a bingo 

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