Hot Blizzard dudes Part 2 – Alexei Stukov

While Ozzie continued her silver fox transformation theme, I continued my own theme of Hot Monster Men, this time with Stukov here. I thought his halfsie outfit had some fun potential.

So instead of toning down the monstrosity, I decided to just make the monster half Hotter. Instead of tentacles on his chest, I gave him a zerg tiddy, because we all know how much the zerg love those tiddies. (And yes, that’s a nipple.) I also got rid of his shirt, because it’s not like he needs it. It’s all torn up by the infection anyway.

I reduced his pants to a thong (trust me, it’s a thong in the back), made his boots into thigh-high high heels, and added some hair on the visible skin. After all, we have to remember that Stukov was a man once. It’s all part of his Character Development.

Oh, and we can’t forget the little tentacle dick in his shorts. Or is it just a tentacle down his shorts? It’s for the Fans to figure out!

Finally, I gave him a face that better communicates his age of 50-52, at least according to how Blizzard draws them.

Overall, I had fun with this one, since it was pretty silly, but I hope that Blizzard realizes what the people want.