Hot Blizzard dudes Part ½ – Genn Greymane (human form) 

Continuing with my apparent theme of turning male characters into silver foxes, I went for a silver wolf this time – the werewolf king. 

Greymane is plenty good looking already, so I let his face as is.

The costume design was my basic strategy of keeping most of the silhouette intact while exposing as much of the chest, thighs and buttocks as possible. 

He’s a stocky boy, so I didn’t go with washboard abs bodybuilder look. It’s more of strongman/power lifter musculature. Of course, a werewolf has to have decent amount of body hair even in the human form. 


His undershirt (?) now became a loincloth, and buttons (?) on his lapels, as per Icy’s (or maybe a viewer’s) suggestion got turned into golden pasties, to shelter us from his male-presenting nipples. His wolf form would probably need a couple pasties more 😉 He’s also sporting some (really not that ridiculous) high heels now, as more men should. 

As usual for Blizzard male character, Genn suffered from a case of Strategic Butt Coverings. I did my best to help. This here shiny bubble butt is probably so far my biggest achievement in painting dude asses. Go forth and admire it!