/Whispers/ you should totally do pantsless Ryoma



OK, so I had a lot of fun with this one ?
I forgot how much I enjoy practicing anatomy and whatnot, so this was a treat!

My other edits:
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We featured another one of @clarissadixonsart‘s Pantless Emblem redesigns before. But Ryoma, with his loin flap, is probably my favorite one.



I wish Fire Emblem was self-aware enough to serve the same sort of costume design for male and female heroes without the need of fanmade fixes…  >_>


The empowered version really is so much better design-wise. I mean, the original had white-on-white! Who thought that was a good idea? But in the edit, his skin becomes a contrasting color, and my eyes don’t unfocus looking at him. Not to mention, getting rid of all those pesky armor bits on his torso gives us several clear points of red breaking up the large white shape that is his coat, rather than sticking so much red together around his chest. It’s just better on the eyes in every way~