Tumblr hypocrisy






It’s funny that when a video game or video has an attractive female that guys gush over, it’s oppression
but if there’s a video game or video with an attractive male that girls gush over, it’s just fan-girling. 
For example- Guys gushing over Bayonetta= Oppression!! MEN ARE SO DISGUSTING! AUGH! They only want BOOBs n crap! 
Girls gushing over a freaking cartoon skeleton man in a single video and making an entire fan-base because his hair overnight = Just having fun. 
I propose that both of those situations are just people having fun. 

Ok, but ONE of those types of fun involves sexual objectification that makes many women uncomfortable.

The other involves a skeleton with cool hair who is not being sexually objectified.

There’s a difference.

Also skeletons are not frequently objectified and devalued in the real world. Skeletons are not the victims of violent crimes, sexual or otherwise, due to the dehumanization of that objectification.

While objectification by itself is a problem, its informed by its real world existence; no media exists in a vacuum, and the real world treatment of women is largely what makes objectification through media such a touchy subject.

Agreed. When skeletons with cool hair are routinely subjected to institutional discrimination, maybe we’ll care more about “girls gushing over them” on the internet.

Meanwhile, the sexual objectification of women has been tied to real world issues facing real actual women.

“Tumblr hipocrisy”? OP, you keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Bolding mine.


After I read this I went desperately searching for this awesome skeleton with cool hair that women were apparently gushing over.  I looked and looked. I asked friends… nobody seems to know about Skelonetta.

Now I have to live the rest of my life knowing that somewhere out there there’s video of a skeleton that has hair so cool that’s it’s apparently comparable to the super spectacle that is Bayonetta… and I may never see it.

Thanks OP.

– wincenworks

Edit: So I’ve been told by many of our beloved followers and one of my loveable geek friends that they know who the Skeleton with cool hair is.  Brace yourselves for the pandering-on-par-with-Bayonetta:


Yeah… this is what OP was raging about.

– wincenworks

So, as we close on the first third of the year and the insistence continues that people who would like something other than the same “hot chick with ….” design are just too easily upset/offended/whatever – it’s worth reminding people that the opposition includes people who are upset by a skeleton with spectral hair.

Ultimately if someone’s first response to seeing a piece of media criticised is to scream “well someone else got something they wanted one time” its safe to say they’re really just terrified of losing their “represented and prioritised by default” status.

This is, of course, ridiculous since now more than ever there is plenty of media to go around.  There really is no reason for everything to be about appeasing one demographic who are already drowned in choices.

– wincenworks