Remember that new Flaky Pastry strip we posted last week? I just got reminded that webcomic made one excellent female armor joke waaay back, without making any references to sexualization! 

First and (probably) only instance of a fictional woman wearing chaimail directly on her bare skin… and it being a full hauberk*, not a ridiculous bikini armor. 

Something about the whole setup and payoff of this joke works so perfectly. Gives even a first-time reader pretty good idea what kind of character Zintiel is 😉 

Just remember kids – unless you’re Zintiel Lutinàn, don’t wear chainmail with no padding underneath. The chafe WILL hurt you


*Well, I’d call that a suspiciously metallic turtleneck rather than hauberk (maybe it’s made of mithril? she is a high elf, after all), but the point about this being a full-covering top stands.