Note that the hero is placing the revenge on the monster for being sexually harassed by it – the kind of creepy situation that is way too often depicted “playfully” with female characters, no matter how traumatizing it would be for a real person. Especially if they were victim-blamed as “asking for it” because of clothes they were wearing.

Does it even register to dudebros how terrifying it would be to have someone do this to them? And how duplicitous it is to on one hand claim that fictional characters “choose” skimpy clothes because female empowerment, while on the other hand suggesting that the very same clothes invite (and justify?!) harassment? Like, remember that time some douche compared a slut walk attendee to Hideo Kojima’s mute bikini waifu?


What a rude demon! It’s good that they got what they deserved. Nobody should be subjected to sexual harassment, whether they’re empowered or not.


WARNING: OP’s blog is very NSFW!