iiphides submitted:

Found in a pop up while I was trying to watch something. 

Plus bingo cards! The gal on the left is the green board, while the right is purple.

Wow are those extremely awful (with @eschergirls​ anatomy on the left one, to boot!), I’d say your scores are very lenient.
Sorry to do a rare bingo correction, but those two are SO over the top physically impossible and ultrasexualized I think they deserve cards as fully crossed out as possible: 


(Also, I’m using the most recent bingo card design (1.2), we grew quite tired of the “No underwear” square and discussions on what it means)


Okay, so the left one, with her “Hot Chick With a Sword” aesthetic has a pretense of being a warrior. What the other one’s supposed to be, aside from, well… 


…a sorceress? …a cleric? …a double sided tape commercial cleverly disguised as a burlesque strip tease?


This game’s apparently supposed to be a “Greek Mythology Browser Game.” I don’t think it’s physically possible to squint hard enough to make that come across in any way.

Also, is it just me, or do those 2 ladies look like they were made for 2 different art styles? Not to mention, this “promotional material” is orders of magnitude more shameless about the sexy girls than any other art on their website.


Although the “clothes” are still as confusing, so… at least that’s consistent?? 


edit: Readers informed us that art in that web art is stolen. Surprising no-one, game with porny marketing is an asset stealer.